We Must Be Innocent

from by Geoff Sanborn

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Lyrics and music: Geoff Sanborn


Somewhere there's an air traffic controller bringing planes down like they're children that he's calling in for dinner,
And on his way back home he whacks a bird with his headlight, only realizing later that he sped up when he saw her.
In my town a mother is unloading a dishwasher, it's like music every morning to her girl who's back from college.
The noise stops and the daughter lies there not wanting to get up.
She only loves the mother that she doesn't have to deal with.

If we can't be blamed, we must be innocent,
Innocent as children in the snow
Innocent as Christ in those Renaissance pictures
Innocent as the pope.

There's a guy outside the store I go to near my ex-wife's condo--oh no this won't turn into another song about the homeless,
Those bodies beneath stinking blankets that we always walk around and feel maybe for just a second that we have betrayed them,
No I wouldn't be that obvious, I just wanted to say, there was this guy who looked like Kurt Cobain, his hair, his eyes, his cardigan.
I could see that what he wanted was the same thing that I wanted, to change into the body of a boy who can't be blamed.

Stop the war, save the whales, don't let them drill in Alaska.
All of those innocent caribou, all of those innocent protesters.

If we can't be blamed, we must be innocent,
Innocent as children asleep
Innocent as friends at an intervention
Innocent as trees.


from Why the Grownups Shout, released October 15, 2014
Instruments and vocals: Geoff Sanborn




Geoff Sanborn Northampton, Massachusetts

B. 1965, bred in Maine, mystery to himself.

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